Bring Your Old Blog Posts Back to Life

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Anyone who has been operating a blog for a while is bound to have a few posts they aren’t particularly proud of. Maybe you couldn’t think of anything to write about that day. Maybe you were under deadline. Maybe you had a lot of other projects going on, so you focused more on the word count than what you were actually saying. Somewhere, in the recesses of your blog (whether personal or business) are diamond-in-the-rough posts waiting to be rediscovered.

Breathing new life into your old blog posts can help them re-index in the search engines, potentially driving more traffic to your blog. It also tightens up the overall value of your blog, since low-quality content will be replaced with valuable content. This can remove any red flags/penalties the search engines are using to rank your blog.

Here are a few things you can do to recycle and reinvigorate your old blog posts:

Add content
See if there is any new information that you can add to an old blog post to make it more relevant. Did you make a prediction in that post? Has it come true? Are there any points you can expand further upon that you just left untouched the first time around? Look at your old blog post like a first draft. What is missing? What kind of content needs to be edited/added/changed to make it as good as the rest of your posts? Oftentimes our less successful blogs are shorter and only provide a surface-level amount of information. Really dig into the post and make it worth the effort.

Maybe the post is well-written, but it didn’t seem to do as well in the search engines as your other posts. Go back and re-optimize that particular post. What different keywords can you incorporate into the title, H1 tags and post content to make it search spider friendly? You might even consider changing the URL of the post if it isn’t doing well. If the post has an image, incorporate an image tag so the search spiders can “see” it and pull it into the search results.

One year later

Right a follow-up post to one of your older posts and link back to the original. Was there a post you wrote a year ago that got a lot of attention? What about that posts was so captivating to your audience? What has happened since then?

Push old posts in new ways
I’d bet the scope of your online networking as grown substantially in the last few years, maybe just in the last few months. Some of your connections may have never even seen your older posts. Push those posts (provided they are still relevant) through your social networking channels and engage new connections with older content. Just because you wrote it 6 months ago, that doesn’t mean everyone knows it exists.

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