Spring Equinox & Quiet Sitting Class at White Crane

White Crane Healing Arts - Holistic Family Healthcare - Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Qigong Classes, Self Cultivation Practices  NutritionHello Friends and Students,

The next Taoist Quiet Sitting Class is on Tuesday, March 24th from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. We will continue to explore the energies of sinking (descending) and how to move these energies with great discernment into the dissolving process. Most of us find that when we start to observe, our minds are jumbled up into a mixture of thoughts, emotions and sensations; but we lack the skill to calm and integrate these experiences. Without clear discernment and the ability to feel the quality of energy that is occupying your mind at any given moment, it becomes increasingly difficult to quiet your being and deepen the experience of true inner space.

We will also begin a conversation about fear. The energy of fear creates one of the most fundamental blockages that can be encountered. Discussion will focus on the nature of fear and how it limits our growth at every level.

Beginners Welcome!

Location: White Crane Healing Arts Center, 7071 W. Commercial Blvd. 2C, Tamarac, FL 33319

Date Time: Tuesday, March 24th  7:00 – 8:30 PM

Cost: $10.00

phone: 954-721-7252
email: whitecrane.iborra@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.whitecranehealingarts.com

PS – Friday, March 20th is the spring equinox. The new moon will prevail and in that will be the energy of new beginnings. Day and Night will be equal; and therefore yin and yang will also be equal. The sun will rise directly in the east and set directly in the west. In Taoist cosmology, the equinox is considered a high energy day.

If desired, you can acknowledge this energy with incense, candles and/or invocations. The idea is to raise your consciousness and purify your energy; especially on the subtle spiritual plane. Other suggestions include meditation, prayer, a reading of something that inspires you deeply, spending time in nature watching a sunrise or sunset, visiting a beach, forest or mountain. Whatever you choose, it should be done with clear intent – you get the idea!

Good Journey,


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New Dyeing Process for Faded Pavers

NationalSealing-before-after-dyeingNational Sealing Co is the largest paver sealing Co in the US, with over 2M square feet of pavers protected. We recognized a need to develop a coloring process for properties that had not sealed pavers which resulted in fading.

Read the complete story:
article source: http://www.southfloridabusinessworld.com/2015/03/dyeing-process-faded-pavers/

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Quiet Sitting Meditation – White Crane Healing Arts

White Crane Healing Arts - Holistic Family Healthcare - Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Qigong Classes, Self Cultivation Practices  NutritionFriends Students,

We had a great turnout for the last quiet sitting class. For those of you interested in going deeper into the nei gong practices, quiet sitting meditation is a necessary component. There are three prerequisites that are essential to developing skills. They are becoming present, Taoist Longevity breathing, and the dissolving process. In my experience I’ve noticed that sitting quietly for a length of time is the most difficult skill to develop for most students.

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, our culture emphasizes activity, which activates the thinking process. Extreme activity creates rumination or over thinking, which, over time creates an imbalance in the digestive organs. Our ability to nourish ourselves then becomes greatly compromised. These practices are about observing the relationship between our inner world with the outer world; and discovering how to reconcile the imbalances we see to create greater harmony.

Most of us, since birth, have been conditioned to think and view things in a linear fashion; but when we delve into our inner worlds, which requires a shift to how our minds function, we discover a subtle infinite universe. If we look at a metaphor of waves above the ocean, we see the waves as the obvious observable experiences of life, but these waves are generated by currents of energy below the surface, and these currents are influenced by even more subtle and deeper currents.

This is why in our practices we try to feel below and behind the obvious. The descending flow of energy that permeates our world (earth) is the primary energy we want to recognize and stabilize within, especially in the beginning. Sinking energy deeply into the body helps to heal by cleansing and purifying what our body is unable to process; and most importantly, it repairs the nervous system.

Dropping the energy of the brain into the lower dan tien (belly area) initializes a sense of the inner currents that are pushing various body functions into stress mode. Within this process of sinking the various energies, we will try to make clear distinctions inside for the purpose of releasing, integrating and recognizing what truly nourishes us.

Good Journey,

Where: White Crane Healing Arts Center
7071 W. Commercial Blvd. Ste. 2C, Tamarac, FL 33319
When: Tues. Feb. 24th.
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Cost: $10.00

PH. 954-721-7252 or 954-815-1235

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EcoSimplista celebrating a year of business at their Fort Lauderdale showroom location!

EcoSimplista will be celebrating a year of business at their FortLauderdale showroom location! They designed the showroom to provide inspiration to customers, and in return you’ve inspired them to host an anniversary celebration!

Friday March 27, 2015 from 5:00pm – 9:00pm

More details sponsorship unveilings are soon to follow.

EcoSimplista - eco-friendly building supplies and home solutionsAs Florida’s leader and supplier of eco-friendly building supplies and home solutions, the mission of EcoSimplista is quite simple. We believe the use of non-toxic, sustainable products and services will update and enhance your home, while bettering our world. For us home design is a combination of functionality, style and endurance, combined with a moral, social and environmental responsibility. At EcoSimplista design is about creating solutions from natural elements. EcoSimplista is here to help you to live, create, and innovate an environmentally responsible lifestyle.

EcoSimplista – eco-friendly home improvements
619 East Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
954 565 5900


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Need Help with Your Taxes? Visit Liberty Tax Service in Pembroke Pines

Visit Liberty Tax Service – Pembroke Pines
Call for an appointment!  (954) 416-3126

Liberty Tax Service - Pembroke Pines, FloridaLiberty Tax Service
8943 Taft Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
(954) 416-3126

Providing Tax Service for the residents of Pembroke Pines, Davie and Cooper City

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Ocean Ridge Newsletter January 2015 – Panama

by The Panama Collection

Hello Ocean Ridge people (and honored family and friends);

This isn’t really a full blown newsletter, but I thought you might like some recent photos so you can see how the project is taking off.  First let’s start with the houses:

We just started on our seventh house, for Betty on lot 8. It was just started two weeks ago, and already the foundation is taking shape (photo below).  Hopefully Betty will be moving down from Texas later this year, and providing free dental care for all of her neighbors (okay, I’m kidding!). Yvette’s house on lot 15 is almost complete, and hopefully she also will be moving down sometime this year (photo below). Yvette, your wrap-around porch is getting rave reviews from everybody who sees it. Leo and Willy came in to visit, and did some major clearing around their guesthouse (photo below). Now they have fabulous views in all directions. Meanwhile Bob and Annie on lot 10 are right on schedule to finish their house in a few months (photo below). You might want to check out Annie’s interesting blog, which describes their life in Panama – it’s well done and quite entertaining (panmaniacs.wordpress.com).

Since smelling the roses is one of the core principles here in Paradise, there have been a number of pool gatherings in the last few weeks. Here is a typical afternoon with Leo, Willie, Bob and Annie (photo below). For those of you planning on a pool (which you all should be), we have found that the water temperature year-round is between 81 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit – cool, refreshing and perfect.

We continue to have new visitors from Mother Nature. For those of you who haven’t seen the pics, we have a couple of coatis that come around occasionally and mingle with the agoutis (2 photos below). When you come down you’ll have to learn all the names of the weird animals around here. Coco the squirrel has returned after a six month absence (photo below), and Loco and Twinky say hello to everybody (photo).

Last but not least (for those of you who care), the fishing/spearfishing continues to be outstanding (3 photos below). Last year was probably the best dorado year we’ve ever had, and when my brother Scott visited over the holidays I introduced him to spearfishing. Okay, I’ll say it – big brother big fish, little brother little fish……..  :)

That’s it for now; here’s hoping that everybody out there has a fabulous 2015.

Jay and Patricia

Jay and Scott spearfishing

Jay and Scott spearfishing

Lot 8 under construction

Lot 8 under construction

Lot 10 under construction

Lot 10 under construction

Lot 14 under construction

Lot 14 under construction

Lot 15 almost finished

Lot 15 almost finished

Patricia catches a beautiful dorado 2014

Patricia catches a beautiful dorado 2014

Panama Pool Party

Panama Pool Party

Waiting for Patricia

Waiting for Patricia

Coati Walking

Coati Walking

coati sniffing for something

coati sniffing for something

Coco2 Dec 2014

Coco2 Dec 2014

Jay caught a nice dorado 2014

Jay caught a nice dorado 2014

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FPL – 2015 Residential Solar Water Heating Rebate

Solar Water Heating by Broward SolarAs part of a five-year pilot program authorized by the Florida Public Service Commission, this rebate is available to any existing FPL residential customers with electric or gas water heating. The rebates are not available for new construction, pool heating systems or solar water heating systems that are already installed. Applicants must be current account holders of the premise where the solar water heating system is being installed.

The Residential Solar Water Heating Rebate is for solar thermal collectors, pumps, mounting hardware and water storage tanks. All systems must be approved and certified by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and have an FSEC system certification number. There is no minimum or maximum size limit. This program is for domestic water heating only. Solar pool heaters do not qualify. All products installed must be new, not refurbished or previously installed.

FPL will open a supplemental application period for Residential PV on Jan. 21, 2015

At 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 21, go to the Residential PV rebates program page.

Rebates will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, and funds are expected to run out quickly.

For more information, please visit –

Contact Broward Solar Inc. – Your choice for South Florida Solar Water Heating Services.
Broward – (954) 492-9939
Palm Beach (561) 347-0179
Toll Free: (800) 757-8414

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Infortrend Storage Solutions by AMT

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT)Advanced Media Technologies, Inc – the performance leader providing high-end broadcast equipment solutions introduces the Infortrend Video Storage Solution product line. Infortrend’s video storage systems surpass the ever-growing demands of file storage, and incorporates a proven, secure file based platform. Infortrend’s file storage solutions can augment your existing platform allowing you to seamlessly grow your facility without disruption.

Infortrend-productsFeatures Include:

  • Workflow efficiency of multiple simultaneous HD and SD streams
  • Protection of valuable media content against logical and physical storage errors
  • Flexibility to expand storage and accommodate large-sized media files
  • Maximize storage investment to support rich media files
  • A/V-optimized, High fault-tolerance, Scalability

Infortrend Data Storage products to the Broadcast IndustryInfortrend – Storage Meets Solution

For more information on the Infortrend Video Storage Solution or to learn more about all of the Broadcast products that AMT offers, please visit www.amt.com

If you are looking to launch a new or expand an existing video file platform, Contact AMT today!

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc.
3150 SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
954.427.5711 – www.amt.com

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Product Feature: AFM SafeChoice X-158 – Defend Against Mold & Mildew

Eco Simplista - Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvement CompanyAFM products are a known eco-friendly brand. All products are non-toxic great for the chemically sensitive.

SafeChoice X-158 is a clear defensive sealer that works hard to defend against mold mildew. This product is great to use on: Shower Stalls, Bathrooms, Saunas, Roof, Air Filtration Systems, Spa Decks, Countertops, Walls, Floors, Ceiling, Tile, Grout, Acrylic, Wood, Concrete, and other Masonry Surfaces.

  • Odorless, non-offensive to user and occupant
  • Especially welcomed by professional cleaners and occupants of enclosed, centrally-ventilated buildings where occupants are subject to the effects of all toxic discharges within the building, including those from building and maintenance products
  • Long lasting prophylactic coating requires less maintenance. Depending on conditions, a single application may last for 30-180 days
  • Safely used by and for the chemically sensitive
  • No butyl ethers, chlorine or acid
  • Dye-free – absolutely no unnecessary additives

One product can fulfill a whole household worth of protection.

Check this product out on our website: http://www.ecosimplista.com/afm-safechoice-x-158.html

619 East Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
P. 954 565 5900
F. 954 565 5978

MON – FRI / 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
SATURDAY / 10:00 pm – 2:00 pm

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How to check if you’re vulnerable to the WordPress flaw


On November 20, WordPress announced a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Internet’s most popular and widely used content management system. Initially discovered by Jouko Pynnonen with the Finnish IT company Klikki Oy, the vulnerability could allow anonymous users to compromise websites running versions of WordPress prior to

Read the complete story:
article source: http://betanews.com/2014/12/05/how-to-check-if-youre-vulnerable-to-the-wordpress-flaw/

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