NSA must report security flaws — with some exceptions

WordPress Customers Receive Automatic Security Updates

The WordPress 3.8.2 update provides additional checks to limit the risk of pingback attacks.

WordPress blogs around the world began to receive an automatic security update late on April 8 to fix security vulnerabilities. The

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Automattic, Steward of WordPress.com, Snaps Up Longreads

In the desert of short news bites and unsatisfying blog posts, the website and weekly e-mail Longreads is a refreshing anomaly. Since 2009, the small Oakland (Calif.) company has been linking to stories of more than 1,500 words, offering a smorgasbord of great articles from underappreciated websites as well

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WordPress 3.9 Coming April 16: Here’s What’s New

WordPress 3.9 is currently in its third beta and, according to the company, is scheduled to be officially released to all users on April 16th.

If your blog or website runs on WordPress, updating to the latest version is always recommended. With that being the case, we wanted to give

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WordPress Android App Version 2.7 Adds Pull To Refresh, Infinite Scroll, And …

Like most tech blogs, Android Police uses WordPress. And since the web interface still leaves a lot to be desired on phones and tablets, we rely on the WordPress app to make quick adjustments when we’re out and about. The latest update to the official app isn’t exactly revolutionary,

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The 6 best WordPress plugins for your business’ blog

No matter whether you’re running a small business or operating a big company, you can benefit from using WordPress by setting up a clean website that attracts potential clients and customers. Although WordPress already comes with plenty of state-of-the-art standard features to get you started, plugins provide your website with

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12000 Phishing sites hosted on compromised WordPress installs

Stats compiled by Netcraft show that 12,000 WordPress installations were compromised in February and used in Phishing campaigns that targeted Apple customers and PayPal users. In addition, compromised WordPress installations were also the source of a significant amount of Web-based malware during the month.

Pulling the stats, more than

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WordPress tops for blogging and malware distribution

Internet security research and services company Netcraft has determined that sites running the WordPress blogging software are a major source of both phishing attacks and malware distribution.

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 WordPress tops for blogging and malware distribution

Apple iOS 7.1 flaws, problems

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