IRS Wants Facebook’s Records on Transfer of Assets to Ireland

U.S. tax officials sued Facebook Inc. to force the company to hand over documents related a transfer of assets to Ireland in 2010, part of a yearslong investigation into whether some of those assets were undervalued “by billions of dollars.”

According to the lawsuit, which was filed by the Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Facebook entered into agreements in September 2010 with Facebook Ireland Holdings Unlimited to transfer the rights to its “online platform” and its…

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Sony Made It Easy, but Any of Us Could Get Hacked

Earlier this month, a mysterious group that calls itself Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment’s computer systems and began revealing many of the Hollywood studio’s best-kept secrets, from details about unreleased movies to embarrassing emails (notably some racist notes from bigwigs about President Barack Obama’s presumed movie-watching preferences)

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10 Of The Best Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

As more website owners convert their website to the WordPress platform, it creates a need for more WordPress themes as well. After all, we wouldn’t want everyone’s website to look the same, would we? Last year I wrote about the best free WordPress themes of 2013, and while

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WordPress Sites Blocked by Google After Malware Attack


More than 100,000 WordPress websites have been infected with malware after attackers exploited a vulnerability in a popular WordPress plugin called RevSlider. The attack turns the infected WordPress sites into unwilling distributors of yet more malware, this time aimed at visitors to the sites.

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Comcast takeover of Time Warner Cable to reshape US pay TV

(Reuters) – Comcast Corp’s proposed $45.2 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable Inc would combine the country’s top two cable providers into a colossus that could reshape the U.S. pay TV and broadband industry if it clears regulatory hurdles.

The cable provider resulting from the merger will boast a footprint

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