Optimizing Your Google Places Page

by SEOMoz

As increasing number of searches have local intent behind them, Google is showing Places listings in many more SERPs. This presents an opportunity to either gain a spot on the first page for many businesses or to gain more space on the first page for companies already ranking on the first page. Here are five things that I’ve seen impact rankings in Google Places.

  • Email address
  • Website
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Send a message to your Facebook fans or email list and ask them to leave a review at your Google Place page
  • If you send out follow up, or reminder, post cards (such as many dentists) incorporate a call to action to review your business
  • Put a call to action (and link) asking for a review on your web site
  • Display a sign by your cash register or hand them a flier with their receipt asking for a review

Make sure to make the process as easy as possible, provide a link to your Places page and give detailed instructions on what they need to do leave a review.


  • Phone numbers (and make sure they are a local area code)
  • Contact emails
  • Addresses (this should be a no-brainer)
  • Description – make this unique to the location
  • Categories/extra fields – if anything varies by location, you should note it.
  • Website – if you have different URLs for different locations, use the specific URL for the location instead of the root (don’t worry, only the root will be displayed).

1 thought on “Optimizing Your Google Places Page

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