Link Building is Always Changing!

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Do you sometimes feel like you spend endless amounts of time trying to build links to your website only to get nowhere? You are not alone which is why it is important to really diversify your online marketing approach when trying to build a business online.

Here are some ways in which SEO link building is always changing:

Search Engine Algorithm Changes
Search engines are always evolving and if you think that we hear about every little algorithm tweak, think again. Sure, some of the larger algorithm changes make it into the community and get discussed a great deal but some hover under the radar and never make it public. These algorithm changes oftentimes change the way web pages appear in results.

Heavy Online Competition
Competition is growing stronger every month. More and more people are turning up the gauge on their online marketing while more small business licenses have been created over the last few years than ever before, leading to more websites making their way into the digital space. With this increase of new websites comes heavier competition which requires more and more link building efforts to be conducted by website owners.

Industry Bad Apples
Industry bad apples and spammers always ruin things for everyone else trying to conduct efforts the right way. Industry spammers pave the way for change, which is not always good change. As new search innovations make their way onto the scene there are always those looking to exploit the search technology and pounce on any loop holes that they can find.

Consumer Behavior Changing Drastically
As consumer behavior changes online it ultimately causes technology to shift and morph into something else, causing link building efforts to shift as well. A great example would be social media marketing in the online space. Social media has really changed the way that we build links online to websites.

This is why it is important for all website owners and entrepreneurs to really continue to educate themselves and evolve online when it comes down to marketing a business to their audience.