How to Be a Great Link Builder

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Link building is one of those things that is a complete learning process if you are trying to perform your own link building campaigns. It is important to realize that link building doesn’t always deliver direct traffic, so using the right measurement tools to determine effectiveness is a very important step in the process.

Here are some ways to be a great link builder for your business:

You Need To Be Patient
Link building results do not happen overnight, so make sure that you have the patience required in order to be successful. If you are acquiring links but still do not see results just be patient, because they do come in at a drips pace sometimes.

Be Able To Dig
If building links was easy we would all be on the first page of the search results. Once you get the more obvious links out of the way it is time to really start digging to find those hard to find links that are buried deep in the web. You have to dig through search results and really find those locations where you can submit your company info that not everyone else has found already and beat into the ground.

Think Like a Business and Not Like a Spammer
It can be very enticing to want to purchase that “amazing” product for $29.99 that claims to acquire you 1,000 new links, but try to avoid these distractions at all costs. These types of services are nothing more than a spamming tool which usually results in little to no search engine optimization value causing you to spend your hard earned money.

Be Able To Put a Plan Together
Like anything in business, you need to be able to put a visual plan together so that you can see what you are doing on a monthly basis. A good solid link building campaign should be visible in the sense that you can see the outline on paper so that you know where you are heading with your search marketing efforts.

Link building is one of those search engine optimization efforts that requires a unique approach that is consistently changing as our web space evolves and changes. Being patient and organized is very important.