Ways to Play Nice With Google!

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

It is not in anyone’s best interest to ever want to challenge Google in any sort of way. Google is one of the largest and most powerful organizations in the world and you are much better off playing nice when it comes to marketing your business through search. With one push of a button Google can make your website disappear, so it is important to really play nice and follow the rules.

Here are some ways to play nice with Google and your overall search engine optimization efforts:

Follow Guidelines
Google has a series of very strict guidelines in place when it comes to marketing any website that all website owners should be following if they want to stay on Google’s good side for the long term. These guidelines where recently updated and if you take the time to read through them you will clearly see that they are more than fair.

Don’t Think About Tricks
If you own a website and you are already thinking about how you can perform some “tricks” in order to get it to move around a bit more I can guarantee you that Google will eventually catch up to you and you will not be on their friendly side. The word “trick” should never even come into the picture when you are brainstorming ways to increase business to your website.

Always Wear Your Marketing Hat
Google has repeatedly come out and said that in order to get ahead in the search engines with your website you should always approach your website wearing a marketing hat. Ultimately, a good solid marketing campaign is truly the way to bring in nice, new traffic to your site.

The search engine territory is all about playing nice and by the rules. Search engine optimization tricks might bring quick bursts of traffic but they are often short winded. Building a long term business on and offline requires proactive marketing and branding efforts that fall into guidelines. The days of black hat SEO are coming to a close and if you truly want to see your online business move into the future you will play by the rules.