Trust Building is the New Link Building

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Security is something that is on everyone’s mind and as long as technology gets crazier people will find ways to leverage it to cause harm or damage. Anybody can build a website and publish it live, but not everyone can build a website and have the search engines display a great deal of trust to that domain. I know that Google has been ramping up security quite a bit this year and we will most likely see the trust factor and security play a larger role when it comes to search engine rankings.

A spammy website that nobody wants to link to is not going to have much trust factor surrounding it from a search stand point. A website that is an authority figure and receives a generous amount of links is going to clearly develop more of a trust factor than the spammy website. With so many changes occurring in the world of search engine marketing, the algorithms are always changing as society and culture changes. Not every hacking related story makes the headlines, but with more and more attempts for sites to get hacked Google will most likely tweak their algorithm even more for rewarding trustworthy websites. To build your trust you have to naturally position yourself as a brand in the industry; a brand that can grow as your audience and industry grows. Pretty soon it will be all about trust building rather than link building. Not to say that links are not important, because they truly are the holy grail of marketing a website, but trust is still a relatively new area for website owners to acknowledge, simply because trust building can come in some many different attempts.

Trust and security go hand in hand. I think that we are going to see a large shift in which direction websites and website owners try to build their appearance online. Being able to trust a website is going to play a large role when it comes to search engine rankings fairly soon. We don’t really know how much emphasis is currently placed on the whole trust factor, but we do think it is going to enter a much brighter spotlight in the very near future.