Twitter Tips to Boost Your Tweets

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Like everything online, Twitter is always evolving into something much more robust and usable by businesses and individuals. As time moves on, so do the ways that others approach this communication giant with the efforts they use to reach out to their immediate communities. Every website online that eventually gains some important traction will start to evolve with new ways for users to be able to leverage the platform and stand out. Twitter is one of those social platforms that is always evolving into something much more important than it was when it first started. Many businesses in today’s marketplace rely on Twitter to be successful and pull in new traffic every single day.

Here some Twitter tips to help you boost the effectiveness of your Tweets:

Hash Tags #

Hash tags allow your tweets the possibility to appear in search results for certain targeted keywords. Place a hash tag before a keyword and it will indicate to Twitter that this tweet should appear in search results conducted on the website. Where your tweet will appear is unknown to everyone but at the very least it lets the search platform know that you have indicated that your tweet is worthy of appearing in search results.

Tweet photos in your tweets that may or may not pertain to your industry. People love photos and if you are trusted there is a good possibility that they will be opened and viewed. Think about what your audience would like to see in a photo and go from there. Maybe it is an image of a product, or possibly a person in your industry. It doesn’t matter; just use your imagination on how that photo could tie into your industry.

Use Keywords
Rather than just posting a link for others to click, utilize the 140 characters with a description that utilizes keywords in some fashion. Remember that Twitter has an algorithm that pulls keyword usage into search results, so take advantage of that. You should be using some keywords with everything that you do online so that the various platforms can ping the topics you are trying to get visibility for.

Post Facts
Not every industry runs on opinions. Try posting a fun industry fact either every day or a few times per week to get others to start discussions. Do some research online and try to come up with some fun tidbits of industry facts that others might not know and start posting them.

Post Industry Tips
Have you been doing something a certain way for awhile that streamlines a process that others can benefit from? Post it! Your community and audience will appreciate it and if you post enough tips people will start to come to you as an authoritative figure.

How do you expect others to scratch your back if you can’t scratch theirs? Start re-tweeting other stories and articles you see online to grab valuable attention of others. Re-tweeting will not only allow you to become a part of the social community but it also puts you on the radar from other news sources and larger competitors. Being successful in the social space means being social and that requires spreading the message of others as well.

Blog Posts
Post any of your blog posts that you currently write for your own business through your network mixed in with these other efforts to bring some very valuable traffic back to your website. If you have a blog that you write in an amazing way that generates abundant traffic and visibility, post each blog post that you write directly into your Twitter stream. This will get your direct audience landing right on your website on a frequent basis.

Ask Questions
Ask your industry questions from time to time to see what kind of response you get back. Some will avoid and ignore, but all it takes is just a few to get the pot stirring with discussions. Sometimes those discussions can travel much further than you would think. The whole point of being on Twitter in the first place is to start some sort of dialogue between you and your audience. You have to get creative with how that will happen.

Twitter is an amazing place to find new business and build a brand, but you have to be diverse in your approach. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is not going to happen. Put your marketing hat on and create a diverse outside the box thinking process that will help boost the effectiveness of your Tweets!

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