Reasons to Decrease Your Website Bounce Rate

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

There is much more to launching a website than just building a few web pages and standing back and watching the visitors come in. There will be certain elements and efforts that work much more efficiently, but more importantly it will come down to analyzing data and watching how things respond and react on your website. Analyzing your visitor’s patterns and footsteps is a very important part of building a strong and successful online entity.

One of the most important data tools you will ever be able to use to analyze your important analytics data is Google analytics, which allows you to track a large variety of important analytics data surrounding your website and how people respond to it. Bounce rate will be one of those pieces of data that can really tell you a lot about your business and your approach. If you are seeing a high bounce rate on your website it is up to you to figure out why exactly people are leaving your site so quickly. If you have a low bounce rate, then people are obviously hanging out for quite some time which you can then leverage in order to help increase the power of your business and create some dialogue between you and your visitors.

Keep Your Traffic Interested Longer
If you ever want your website to increase in popularity you are going to have to keep the attention of users much longer. In order to do that, looking at your bounce rate will give you an idea on where to start. If you have a service page you want your visitors to hang out on that page for as long as possible in order for them to eventually create some sort of action on your website. The whole point of your service page is for your visitors to eventually communicate with your business in some fashion.

Increase Website Conversions Actions
The longer someone spends on your website, the higher the probability of them to turn into a lead, a sale, or even a phone call. If your website is not converting at all there is a good possibility that you have a rather large bounce rate on your website pages. Keeping the bounce rate low will ultimately increase website conversions overtime. As website visitors hang out on the website a little longer, naturally some will turn into leads and customers.

Increase Your Overall Website Efficiency
The natural goal of every website should be to keep the entire website and all of its pages always efficient and 100% optimized for either search or traffic. Website efficiency is what allows a site to grow into a well-oiled machine. If you have pages of your site that possess very high bounce rates then you are not running an efficient website.

Increase Your Business Image Branding
When you decrease your bounce rate and increase the amount of time that a website visitor is spending on your website you ultimately start to increase your branding efforts because your audience is paying a bit more attention to your business. The longer a person’s eyeballs are capable of being on your site, the longer they have to burn the image of your business into their mind so that when they do bump into something else in the search space that might be connected to your business they will remember you right away.

Increase The Growth Rate Of Your Business
The only way that your business is going to grow into the future is by keeping the attention of your website traffic. The goal of your website should always be to grow your business and not just create traffic, because you could have a rather large flow of traffic but if none of that traffic converts or creates any sort of action how is your business supposed to grow? Decreasing the bounce rate of your website and individual web pages is the first step to really growing your business online.

There are many advantages to having a low bounce rate on a website. Some are very clear and obvious and others are not so clear. The overall idea is to keep your audience glued to your website for as long as possible because that is when a website reaps the most rewards.

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