Online Community Building Techniques

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Having some sort of online community surrounding your business is just a part of today’s commerce model. Online communities help spread your business message throughout their networks creating a nice stream of inbound traffic and eyeballs surrounding your company and its website. Everything has grown into a social level online and, depending on the nature of your business, you could very well require that word of mouth type of exposure to help grow your brand or company.

Here are some ways to grow your online community:

Be Friendly To Your Peers
Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere else, be as friendly as possibly with others in your space. Nobody wants to join the community of a “Debbie Downer”. Make an effort to be very nice to others even if they are not nice to you. Your audience is watching. Remember that everything you do online pretty much stays online, so be nice.

Help Others Answer Questions
Take the time to answer questions that others post online in the various social spaces. Eventually over time people will pay attention to your answers, which causes them to pay closer attention to you.

Launch A Blog
Launch a blog and include all of the social bells and whistles so that others can be a part of the sharing, commenting, and communicating on your website. In order to build a social community, your website or blog needs to become interactive so that others are able to communicate with your online community.

Launch A Forum
To do this the right way you typically have to have some nice traffic coming to your website. When you do, it could work out very well in your favor to help you build the community that you are trying to build. Sometimes all you need to do is provide the platform for that community to grow on, and after that you just need to water that seed from time to time.

Building a community is not easy, but with the right frame of mind and approach that community will flourish. You just need to be patient and give it time. Provide the tools needed to build the community and approach it like a business and over time you will see it grow.

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