Mesh with Your Online Competitors

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Meshing with your online competition is not always a bad thing. If you are the new kid on the block don’t expect to take over your industry veterans anytime soon unless you are bringing some serious fire power to the table. Your competitors most likely own some of the online space naturally. Be respectful and mesh with them in order to leverage their strengths in your direction. You want to be a good marketer? Try finding a way to get on some of your competitors radars because it could cause you to become visible in front of an even larger audience.

Write A Product Review
Write a product review of a competitor’s product. Perhaps they have a handful of products that are popular in the industry. Writing a review on a product or even some company news might allow your blog post to rank for their name which could cause you to be visible in front of their audience.

Retweet Their Tweets
I wouldn’t re-tweet every single tweet but a few here and there will show that you are respectful of their position and that you are trying to play nice. Remember that being active in the social space requires pushing around the message of other organizations which could lead to people paying closer attention to you that didn’t in the past.

Leave Comments On Their Blog
Don’t be scared to leave comments on their blog with a link back to your website. That’s what the comment section is there for. Leaving comments on blogs is a part of social media regardless if whether is a competitor or not.

The online space is large and vast and the reality is that if you approach it in a smart way there are many areas that you can leverage to further your reach and appearance. Don’t shun all of your competition because they might have some great platforms for you as a business to be able to leverage in order to pull in steady streams of website traffic. Keep your eyes open for all of the opportunities that are available to you. You might be surprised at what you will find.

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