Has Your Online Marketing Reached a Saturation Point?

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

If a business sits in a tight niche it does run the risk of reaching an online saturation point if the search engine optimization efforts are very aggressive and not diverse enough. Does it happen easily? No, not at all, but it could happen for some businesses that are not surrounded by heavy competition all around them. Online saturation does not happen overnight but if you aggressively market yourself in a very tight niche you could find yourself reaching your max point fairly quickly.

Inundated Search Results
Have you noticed that a majority of your efforts are really starting to flood the search results? For example: an article, your website, and a business profile or two appears for one search term used in the search engines. That might indicate that you are starting to really hit a saturation point for your search space. This typically does not happen in a competitive search space, so if you do not have a great deal of competitors and you are really starting to take up your search results you might be hitting a saturation point.

Newsletters Not Responding Like They Should
Often times, if you start to see your email marketing or newsletter just not respond like it once did you have to ask yourself if you have possibly reached a saturation point. If you are not adding new email recipients to your distribution list you are going to exhaust your list and once you get to this point it is very difficult to get your list to create an action. It is almost a “boy who cried wolf” type of scenario, which is why it is crucial that your email distribution list is being updated frequently.

Unresponsive Audience Altogether
This doesn’t mean that you hit a saturation point altogether because you might be in a very competitive area with your business, but if you once saw really great responses and actions from your efforts and all of a sudden you don’t see anything you might have exhausted those channels for now.

Make sure that you are always introducing new avenues to pull in traffic and customers because you could exhaust your efforts if there is not a lot of competition happening in your market.