Blog Writing Tips to Engage Your Readers

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Making sticky blog posts that really gain some traction online is not always easy. You have to have some sort of plan and process in your head about topics that are really going to stick out in front of your audience. People want to read something that is going to make them think or smile and not possess an expressionless face after reading. How are you going to make your blog post create that reaction from your audience?

Here are some blog writing techniques that can engage your readers:

Write Something Fresh
Try writing something that hasn’t been written before in your industry. If you want to get people coming back to your blog, give them something new and fresh to read. Don’t copy the approach of another blog, but rather, create your own spin and process to writing your posts because your audience will recognize this.

Make Them Smile Or Even Laugh
Is there something in your industry that nobody has wanted to write about yet but you know that it would make your audience smile? Just write it because someone eventually will and you will probably wish that you did once you read it.

Think About Your Title
Give your title some real serious thought because it is what’s going to get your audience to click through and read. You should always have a portion of your title for attention and some portion for rankings. Getting your visitors attention from having the cute factor is important, but so is having that post rank for the long term so that it can really work for you in the way that it should.

Show Them A Video
People love to watch videos and if you give them the right video they will share your information throughout their networks for others to see. Text and reading is important, but once in a while a nice video will also help you.

Give Them Something To Share
I know that this is easier said than done, but give your audience a reason to share something. Make those share buttons as visible as possible while providing content that just makes them want to run and tell everyone about your blog.

Having a brainstorming session with your approach is a great idea before you start really writing on a daily basis. Think about what you are doing to satisfy some very important voids in your audience and your blog will become successful over time.

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