Justify SEO Within Your Company

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

It is unbelievable but there are still business owners, managers, and even CEO’s who simply don’t believe in search engine optimization. Some people still actually think that it is a fad and that they just don’t need it. Personally, I think this is a very narrow minded way of thinking but that is just my opinion. The clients that you acquired face to face might not always be around. There are new generations coming up quickly that find all of their information online and that is simply not going to change or slow down anytime soon.

Here are some recommendations for people who need to make the case internally to justify the cost for a search engine optimization program:

Call for Meetings
Trying to catch the CEO in the hallway to show him or her some valuable data might not work the way that you want it to. Chances are they are heading to another meeting or to deal with another issue and you simply don’t have their attention. Set up a physical meeting where you can get their attention and discuss anything that you want regarding the powers of search engine marketing and optimization.

Gather Important Data
CEO’s and other high ranking officials like to see data and numbers. There is so much free data online for everyone to use that it will make his or her head spin. Show the cold hard facts on how important search engine marketing and optimization really is to sustain business growth well into the future. By just doing a few searches you could unravel a great amount of search data to prove your point.

Provide Competitor Data
If none of the above will get their attention show them how your competition is using the digital space to reach out to customers. If none of your competitors are using search engine marketing yet then you are sitting on a huge opportunity. If all of your competitors are using search engine marketing then you can’t afford to not get involved any longer.

It might take a little bit of work, but if you provide the right data and information the decision maker you report to will start to think differently about it. Don’t forget to show the data that really stings, such as the competitors’ data that might be closest to your door step.

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