How to Divorce Your SEO Client

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

This next post is advice for fellow SEO consultants out there. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but from time to time you will get an unruly client that is completely unmanageable or simply not a good fit. Don’t beat yourself up over it; it simply does happen. It comes with the territory and it all depends on how you handle it. Sometimes you can get an idea prior to taking on a client that it might happen and sometimes you get blindsided 6 months into a campaign.

Here are some tactics to use to go separate ways safely:

Be Nice About It
You don’t want to burn your bridges because of how you go about this step. Always play nice regardless of what happens. You don’t want to entice the disgruntled client and push them to write any negative reviews about your business when they might not be true.

Find the Root Cause

Find out why the client is upset. When did it start? What brought it on? Maybe you have to re-educate your client on the concepts of search engine optimization. Even though search engine optimization concepts are understood early in the process they are sometimes forgotten early in the campaign.

Show Your Work
If you haven’t shown your monthly work to the client thus far they might have the right to be upset. If you haven’t shown them what you have been doing each month put it all together on a spreadsheet now and send it over to them. The divorce might be occurring because they simply don’t believe any work has been conducted up to this point.

Hold Your Ground
If you have done everything you said you would and provided the proof and the reports and the client is still very upset than hold your ground because you upheld your end of the bargain. Search engine optimization is a timely process that requires many different gears spinning at the same time and sometimes people have a hard time understanding this.

These client divorces happen from time to time and it is important to not get down on yourself, especially if you have provided everything your company possibly could. Sometimes things just clash and it is important to part ways amicably with no hard feelings.

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