Content Copywriting Tips to Use Now

Writing by Nick Stamoulis

Everywhere you look these days online everyone is ranting and raving about having great quality content but to some, writing great quality content is not so easy. It is pretty obvious that content marketing has become a very important aspect of growing a business in today’s marketplace. However, many people are still not sure what it really takes to put together great content. Lots of businesses, journalists, and entrepreneurs are putting out amazing content each and every day which is why you have to work at it every single day in order to really get it right. It won’t happen overnight, but eventually some of your writing pieces could catch on.

Here are some key content copywriting tips to use:

Don’t Be Scared
Don’t be scared to write about something controversial or edgy, especially if no one else has ventured into that area. Be bold and confident and take an opinion and stick to it. You will be viewed as a leader eventually.

Offer Value
Some of your content should provide value to your industry as a reusable resource. A resource such as a how-to guide or a list of industry resources that someone can bookmark or pass along through your industry is a great way to spread your content and also have it become really sticky in the search results.

Get In Early
Don’t write about month old news but rather set up some alerts for yourself where you can track industry news early and try to write about fresh information happening in your industry. If you want people in your industry to really recognize you for your great content you are going to want to grab some information when it is really new and fresh.

Be Diverse
Try using different writing approaches in your strategy. One writing piece could be an interview with someone in your industry, one could be a resource list, and the other could be a product review.

Great content takes practice and experience and most of all creativity and an out of the box thinking process. Keep trying and testing new approaches and analyze the community’s response. Over time you will isolate the right approach to writing content.

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