Bogus New Age Bank Charges – Update

If you just searched on the keyword phrase “new age pay per click” and arrived to this website expecting to resolve your recent bank charge – it was not from us.

  1. We do NOT conduct business under New Age Pay Per Click or New Age Website Marketing! It is just our domain name!
  2. The bank needs to provide you with the contact information for the charge and it did not come from us!
  3. Your bank or credit card information has been compromised. Close your account immediately!!!
  4. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are getting these bogus charges on their credit card/bank statements and you need to dispute this with your bank.
  5. We are in no position to do anything further than what we posted and I am sure it is far more than what your bank has provided you.

There has been a huge spike in web traffic over that search term, so I feel that many people are getting bogus charges.

You are welcome to post your comments about how you dealt with the bogus charge, the problems you had to deal with and whether it was resolved

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Posted on November 11, 2010


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Thank you, but please no more e-mails demanding that it is my responsibility.


4 thoughts on “Bogus New Age Bank Charges – Update

  1. I can see that the web traffic is increasing over the search term “new age pay per click” and have received hundreds hits on the phrase. (There were 112 visits just yesterday!) There had to be a break down of security with a store, bank or credit card company to see this type of traffic.

    Someone has stolen financial information and is billing in smaller sales so people do not notice those charges.

    I hope the banks talk to each other, because this is going to cost time and money for the customers and banks. It has already cost me a great deal of time just dealing with the e-mails including the ones that are rude and threatening.

    Imagine someone placing your business name on a bogus bank or credit card charge and you start getting all the contact and e-mails. What would you do?

  2. I was the first one that left information on this site. I did some more checking since I got hit for $1.99 fraudulent charge earlier by a company that actually had a website. Earlier this year the FTC broke up a fraud ring making small charges. This company has nothing to do with the fraudulent charges. It has to do with how a search engine looks for key words. Also as the admin here stated earlier be careful of what you click on. There is one that will redirect you to a malicious site in Russia.

    Here is the link about the one earlier, fraudulent small charges, this year.

  3. Thanks Keith,

    I have gotten many messages over this, some very rude, some asking for help and others just trying to find out if the charge was from us. The article you posted really sums up the whole situation.

  4. Update: There has been well over a thousand hits to this website for the Search Term “new age pay per click” in various forms. This tells me that there are many people getting this fraudulent charge on the statements.

    I just hope the posts are helping other people that had their credit and banking information compromised.

    (At least I am not seeing anymore e-mails and blaming me over this. – Thank you.)

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