National Sealing has a Proprietary Non Slip Application

National Sealing has a proprietary non slip application and mobilizes throughout the US and abroad with our durable anti slip process. No other coating process can claim the unique product features and benefits that National Sealing’s coating offers. A coating that will withstand the damaging effects of chemical abuse, abrasion,

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We’re Halfway, Plus 3 Days, Thru Financial Literacy Month

It’s Tax Day! Normally, Tax Day is April 15th, but this year it’s April 18th! Why the change to April 18th? Well, in typical Washington-DC fashion…it’s complicated…here’s the reason why –

If you have filed your taxes and signed on the dotted line, then good for you! If

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CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Provider

Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT)Advanced Media Technologies, Inc. (AMT) is the performance leader among CATV and High-End Broadband Electronic Equipment Providers. As a value added reseller of high performance products from numerous well known manufacturers, AMT targets emerging

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DRTV Commercial for Hoodeez by Steve Procko Productions

SPP recently finished production on a DRTV campaign for Hoodeez.

Hoodeez is a fun, new pet that when folded up is a pillow, but unfolds into a cool hoody.

The one day location shoot featured kids with all different Hoodeez friends and demonstrates the unique characteristics of the direct response product.

This kind of production fits a pretty specific formula of accomplishing a finished 2 minute direct response commercial in a one-day shoot. This kind of production allows for the most cost-effective approach to launching direct response products.

SPP handled all aspects of production from script the post production.