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WordPress: block anonymous Rest API access

The most recent version of WordPress ships with new REST API capabilities which plugins, apps, services, or the WordPress core can utilize.

The WordPress development team pushes new features to WordPress all the time. Many of those features improve the functionality of WordPress significantly.

Every now and then though, features get added that are problematic from an admin or user point of view.  The main issue with the bulk of these changes is that they cannot be disabled easily. I have disabled Emojis and XML-RPC here on this site for instance.

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How WordPress Ate The Internet in 2016… And The World in 2017

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and is used by nearly 75 million websites. According to WordPress, more than 409 million people view more than 23.6 billion pages each month and users produce 69.5 million new posts and 46.8 million new comments every month. It also powers more than 25% of the world’s websites.

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WordPress silently fixes dangerous code injection vulnerability

Developers of the widely used WordPress content management system released an update last week, but intentionally delayed announcing that the patch addressed a severe vulnerability.

WordPress version 4.7.2 was released on January 26 as a security update, but the accompanying release notes only mentioned fixes for three moderate risk vulnerabilities, one of which did not even affect the platform’s core code.


Airbnb’s Super Bowl ad says ‘we accept’ everyone

Airbnb just aired a Super Bowl ad promoting a message of diversity and acceptance, ending with the statement that “the world is more beautiful the more you accept.” CEO Brian Chesky also tweeted a reference to the commercial, as well as an announcement that the company is aiming to provide short-term housing for 100,000 refugees, disaster survivors, and other displaced people over the next five years. Additionally, Airbnb will donate $4 million to the International Rescue Committee over the next four years.

How to Know What to Expect in Therapy and Make the Most Out of It

Thrive in Therapy Counseling Services, Inc. - Rinda Rosenberg, LMHC

Maybe you’ve been considering therapy, but don’t know what to expect. It can seem intimidating. What will you talk about? How can you make sure to get the most out of it? A lot of therapy is what you put into it. Here are a few valuable pointers to help you know get the most benefit.

Before Beginning With a Therapist.

What is it you would like to see changed? Have a general idea of what the problem is that you would like to have changed. The clearer you are about what you want to work on, the better the therapist can help from the get-go. Your therapist will help you clarify your goals and examine your expectations, but it is helpful to either have an idea in mind or to know that an early goal is to get clearer on what the problem is.

When you are choosing a therapist, know there as many different types of therapy as there are therapists. Each has his or her own special demeanor, experience, therapeutic preferences and niches. It can be helpful to contact a few different therapists to compare to get a feel for what qualities you would like. Make sure you aren’t getting too caught up in the research process, though. If it feels like a good fit, jump in to a session or two. If you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, be honest and let the therapist know. There may be something there worth discovering and processing, or the therapist can make a referral for you that may be better suited for you.

When scheduling a session, try to pick a time of day when you can spend some time afterwards reflecting on the session. Get to your sessions a little early, so you have time to gather yourself and focus on your needs.

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Choosing a Solar Water Heating System

Broward Solar provides Solar Water Heaters, Solar Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps to the residents and businesses of South Florida

What are the key facts about Solar Water Heating Systems?

There are two types of solar water heating systems, active and passive, that pump hot water heated by the sun into your home.

  • Direct circulation systems: Pumps circulate household water through the collectors and into the home.
  • Integral collector-storage passive systems: Made of a storage tank, solar collection tank, and the pipes that run between them, these systems require cold water to be pumped into the solar collector in batches.

To size your solar water heating system determine the total collector area as well as the storage volume you’ll need to meet 90%–100% of your household’s hot water needs.

To properly maintain a solar water heating system check for scaling and corrosion.

While solar water heating systems tend to cost more to install than conventional water heating systems, they can usually save you money in the long run.

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Broward Solar provides Solar Water Heaters, Solar Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps to the residents and businesses of South Florida.